You have two ways to hear the latest gem from Viper Pilot’s munitions works: turn up to Bootie Brisbane tomorrow night (difficult if you’re not in Brisbane) or go download this month’s Bootie Top 10.  Every month, mashup wizards A+D hand-pick the cream of the crop of bootlegs from around the world and present them for your consumption.

For this release, Viper Pilot has taken Flight of the Conchords and mashed the shit out of them, throwing everyone’s favourite folk-rap comedy troupe together with hip-hop heavyweights Missy Elliot, Busta Rhymes and the Beastie Boys.  Sugalumps is an exclusive to the Bootie Top 10, so run now and grab it – and all of the other slammin’ tracks in this month’s list – from the Bootie Brisbane website or any of the other sites in the sprawling web of the Bootie empire.