Go watch the trailer for the Acceptable in the 80s podcast now. NOW.  Go do it. Now. Really. Seriously.


(C’mon, a podcast with a trailer? Nice.)

I can’t do enough justice to this series.  Culture savant Craig Schuftan examines why everything that was only ever acceptable in the 80s is suddenly coming around again. We all know that trends in music are cyclical, but it turns out that it’s really cyclical, and The Schuf is just the guy to break it all down.

It’s full of very clever writing; here’s what the podcast has to say about how Nirvana was a reaction to the showbiz look of the new wave and hair-metal laden 80s (which is suspiciously how a lot of bands today look…):

In the 90s, Kurt Cobain signalled his disdain for showbusiness by wearing clothes which said “I don’t care how my clothes look.” Well, Cobain’s anti-style was perfect for a decade during which musicians and fans were deeply suspicious of promotion and packaging. But the no-style eventually became a style, and then a habit, and then a bore.

I won’t spoil any more of it, as there are only six episodes (as of today), all clocking in under three minutes. Go treat yourself to some bite-sized entermataining edumacation!