The Guardian has put together an interesting family tree of music, using the London metro system as the map.

I find it curious that The KLF, George Clinton and Jean-Jacques Perrey don’t show up, given their respective effect on the music to come after them. As the the article states, though: “Pedants, of course, will find flaws.” Let it not ever be said that I am anything less than one bad-ass pedant.

On the other hand, I’m chuffed to see lesser known (yet still influential) acts like The Skatallites, Whodini and Ennio Morricone in this strange version of the underground. There are a lot of great acts busking at these train stations.

Go read the article and check out the map if you have a brief amount of time to kill. If you have more time to kill, grab some of the names and hit (or other music source of choice).