A big shout out to the crew members from all the ships in the fleet who came to help me celebrate my birthday over the weekend. Some ridiculously good times were had, so my space-hat is off to all of you.

Speaking of birthdays, I eyeballed April 26 over at good old Wikipedia and was pleasantly surprised to find out I share a birthday with legendary Italian producer Giorgio Moroder (unlike poor Atomique, for whom the most interesting thing about her birthday is that it is also International Stuttering Awareness Day).  I’ve written about guys like Joe Meek and Bob Moog who created the technology, whereas Moroder is one of the people who took the gear and really ran with it. And how.

Viper Pilot – Ballad of the Colonial Roughnecks (Moroder vs Freestylers vs Battlestar Galactica)

Famous for his Academy and Grammy winning soundtrack work as well as his work producing tracks for Blondie, Donna Summer (and scores more), Moroder can really pimp a synth – without him disco would have been even more lame.

Following is by no means a thorough discography of Giorgio Moroder; rather just a collection of some of the badass tracks he’s created over his career. Listening to these, it’s hard to think he was creating music that sounded like this in the late 70s when it sounds so very much like the future.

Giorgio Moroder – E=MC²

Blondie – Call Me (co-written & produced by Moroder)

Giorgio Moroder – The Chase (Vitalic Remix)

Giorgio Moroder – From Here to Eternity

Donna Summer – I Feel Love (co-written & co-produced by Moroder)

Oh, also: Clash of the Titans was laaaame. The script was meandering and the dialogue was lacklustre. While the 3D wasn’t used to any great effect, the glasses did at least hide from Atomique how many times I fell asleep.