Okay, actually I haven’t. Bit of a lie there.

I’ve had all kinds of visitors as of late, and it’s kept me busy and away from my usual broadcast post on the outer rings of the blogosphere. In fact, I now have to undergo a strenuous training regime to get me back into shape for the rigours of deep-space blogging. With that in mind, until I’m blog-fit again, things may be a bit lightweight for the next little while.

Anyhow, was watching the excellent-if-a-bit-too-juvenile-but-you-need-to-get-the-kids-excited-somehow ABC documentary Voyage to the Planets last night. This week’s episode was a tour guide to Uranus, Neptune and their respective rings and moons. Given that a round trip to Neptune and back would take 24 years with current propulsion technologies, the episode touched on cryogenics; placing prospective astronauts in suspended animation to survive the tedium of spaceflight. I had thought that we were a way off (a long way off) any kind of progress in this field, but they interviewed a researcher who’s successfully placed mice into hibernation for a couple of hours and then woken them up.

Said Atomique: “Bags not being a test subject when they get to human trials.”

Said Viper Pilot: “Silly Atomique, that’s what homeless people are for.”

Okay, bye!