Hey there, if you buy a 3D TV, you’re only encouraging them to develop more retarded innovations in home theatre that nobody really needs.

A Pack of Losers
Super-Loser Home Fun Time, Now With Gay Dolphins

What do I want? What should we all have? I’ll tell you what, it’s not some retarded 3D TV that I have to wear fucking goggles to watch. Even worse, I wear the dumbass goggles and my reward is a magic dolphin in my living room? Fail, electronics giants. Fail.

What do I want in the TV of the future? I want a TV so thin and cheap I can use it for wallpaper! You’re wasting valuable R&D time on GOGGLES. Fuck, did I say TV of the future? I should have this shit before the end of the decade!

The Future
Here’s What 2019 is Supposed to Look Like

I want a goddamned flying car, not a 3D TV. Stop inventing crap I don’t want and then marketing the shit out of it to try and tell me I do want it. It’s not going to work. Seriously, it’s bad enough that the dental hygiene industry invents a new threat every six months to make me buy sonic floss or a new plaque scraper for the roof of my mouth, and their products cost a fraction of the cost of a 3D TV.

Put down the goggles and back away. Trust me.