Some say Viper Pilot is the last best hope for a rag-tag fleet of audio refugees.

Some say Viper Pilot has links to COBRA.

Some say Viper Pilot is “not quite right”.

All of them may be correct. All reports to date have been sketchy.


My name is Michel Haggman (although you should feel free to call me Mitch). I am a Canadian living in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia. I produce bootleg music (or mashups as they’re more commonly known, but mashup tends to be used for all sorts of non-music things these days) in my spare time, hence the blog and all this nonsense about music. I also dabble in bonsai, I enjoy games (video, board, RPG, miniatures, cards, etc) and I used to be a recreational AFL player (Cairns Saints‘ Clubman of the Year 2004, Hervey Bay Power Most Inspirational Player 2005).

I am always a humanist, atheist, and skeptic, and at varying times I am a pastafarian, subgenious and discordian. Sometimes I am all of the above.

What can you expect to see here? Anything, mostly. Keep in mind, however, that Viper Pilot Combat Doctrine #15 states quite clearly that all blog posts shall have something music or science or science-fiction in them. So, check back from time to time to see what’s going on in technology, or stop in when you need some new tunes but just can’t quite find anything that catches your fancy – we may have what you’re looking for in the fleet’s munitions frigate.


Why ‘Viper Pilot’?

Yes, it’s an obvious Battlestar Galactica nod. Yes, Viper Pilot and Atomique (AKA Mrs. Viper Pilot) are mad sci-fi fans. But the science fiction is not why Viper Pilot is the handle. The original Battlestar Galactica taught us a very important lesson about what it is to be human: Even though we might be the last surviving members of the human race, being chased across the galaxy by killer robots, we still make time to go to the disco.


What follows is An Abridged History of Viper Pilot, as written by Cenobyte.

There is a legend among the Caledonians; a story passed down through generations, about a man; a man who would walk among them, bearing beets and creating a merry sound with his teeth. The legend says he will be an oddly-shaped man; one with a tiny thorax, “like the beetle what scuttles through the night-time, and hides in the day”. Anthropologists have researched these legends for decades, only now realising that in the days of Old Caledonia, there was no concept of root-based vegetables. Thus we know that today, this day, on the idyllic shores of New Caledonia, you may meet the Viper Pilot, interstellar man of legend, who sips drinks with umbrellas in, and who is paid handsomely for his great skill in hosting wedding receptions. The Viper Pilot has a long-standing goal (now firmly within his grasp, owing to his great ability of mixing music up with other kinds of music, a form of warfare unknown to the Caledonians, new or old) of launching a preventative pre-sneak attack on the Cylons. Only the Viper Pilot knows the actual frequency of sound which will cause both the Cylons and their robotic servants to disintegrate on deployment. How he acquired this knowledge is known well to him, and he will reveal it in due time to the other computing services specialist officers in his squadron. Someday, humans will pay great gobs of money for this form of warfare. Until that day, the Viper Pilot draws solace from many beloved Cybertronians, represented in pictographic form, each with its own article of clothing devoted to it. Currently, the Viper Pilot is plotting revenge for things that will happen very, very soon.


The disclaimer: I am a music aggregator, sharing music with other people in the hopes that they will in turn reward the artists by buying their product if they’re enticed by the snippets I share here.  It is not my intent to pirate or hamper artists’ earnings by posting links here – quite the opposite, in fact.  I hope that if you like something you hear, you go out and buy a CD or two.


Contact Viper Pilot over narrow-band ultralight transmission at repeater station beta-fiver-fiver, address mitch [dot] haggman [at] gmail [dot] com.