Current Manifest of The Viper Pilot Armoury

Individual Tracks:

Do the Busta Stop (Busta Rhymes vs Daft Punk vs Fatback Band)
Big John Pass Me By (Jimmy Dean vs Pepe Deluxé)
Ballad of the Colonial Roughnecks (Freestylers vs Giorgio Moroder vs Stu Phillips)
The Prodigal Slide (The Prodigy vs Maestro Fresh-Wes)
U-Moog on Maars (Pixies vs Dick Hyman vs MAARS)
Black Shadow Demon (DJ Shadow vs Uriah Heep vs Black Sabbath)
Mash Up at Run’s House (Run DMC vs Groove Armada)
She’s Gone to Chase the Sunshine (Al Green vs Planet Funk)
Sexiest Ride (Soulwax vs Moonbootica vs Ice Cube vs an assload of other samples)

Collections (click on artwork to download):

sketches.jpgSketches of Things to Come: Viper Pilot’s first eight mashes (Do the Busta Stop, Big John Pass Me By, Ballad of the Colonial Roughnecks, The Prodigal Slide, U-Moog on Maars, Black Shadow Demon, Mash Up at Run’s House & She’s Gone to Chase the Sunshine), in one convenient package.

Download includes PDFs of the album covers.

Mix Sets (click on artwork to download):

Labour Pains is a 90-minute mix set made up entirely of tracks chosen from Atomique’s maternity mixtape.

More info and tracklist here.
Electrolysis is a two-hour electro and mashup set I produced in March 2008.

You can find a tracklist here.
I got really excited about the 2007 Parklife festival. So excited that I banged together a thirty minute mix set of some the artists I was keen on seeing there.

Viper Pilot’s Parklife Sampler includes the audio and a overly-large PDF of the cover I couldn’t be bothered downsizing.

Two Viper Pilot tracks were chosen to appear on compilations released by Beat-Boot-Ique. BBI is now as good as defunct, due to a sale of the website to a new owner that has since left the site in a state of disrepair, but that doesn’t distract any from the fantastic beats that were produced and released there during its heydey. The Ballad of the Colonial Roughnecks was originally released on a sci-fi compilation, and Black Shadow Demon was for a Halloween-themed release.

The Vinyl Frontier Volume 1: Mashups From Outer Space
Beat-Boot-Ique’s Mashuptown Massacre (at the Internet Archive)

The Ballad of the Colonial Roughnecks was played on episode 128 of Radio Clash, the UK’s longest continuously-running podcast. Props to me!

Do the Busta Stop appeared in a mix set over at Badly Made Boots and has also popped up on a few dodgy pay-for-download ringtone websites. Don’t ask me how, I sure didn’t have anything to do with it. I’ll happily help you out with a Viper Pilot ringtone for free – just ask.